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Calendar 2021

Calendar 2021 

Κοπή πίτας KRC : CANCELLED

Balkan meeting : CANCELLED

Uzice Moto Skup: CANCELLED

1st Cyprus tour 2021: CANCELLED

12thGreek tiny mini meeting: CANCELLED

Italy tour and GWRRA Raduno Nagionale: CANCELLED

13th Birthday party by Pirates (we participate 29 May)

Memorial Day Claus Dieter Albers (in the club house 5 June)

Samothraki free ride (we participate 18-21 June)

Free Riders Hellas (we participate 3 July)

Annual Motor Concentration MOC (we participate 10 July)

Goldwing tour Italy and Abruzzo raduno (11-19 July)

11th Greek treffen 2021 Alexandroupoli  (31 August 5 September)

4th Olympic Day Run (volunteers 27 September)

Bamsko Bulgaria tour (8-9-10 October)

Serbia tour (28-31 October)

Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon (volunteers 21 November)

Christmas days in the club house (24-25-26 December)




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