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The club actions 2019


The club actions 2018

3rd Balkan meeting 


35th Italian treffen

t&t 35th Anniversary GWEF Slovenia

8th Greek meeting

4th Turkiey treffen

The club actions 2017



 Kossaras fousin live

Marathon Volunteers


West side Salonika 

Party M.O.Θ.

Party Χαλάστρας

Party Μ.Ο.Κ.

2nd Balkan meeting

Tour de France 


France treffen



7th Greek treffen







5th Bulgaria treffen and tour


3rd Turkiey treffen 



The club 


Christmas party


The club actions 2016


Maske Party loco bus



Tour, Indian Village 

Museum of Royal Tombs of Aigai - Vergina

Marathon Volunteers


Kill Kiss, Pantelis


Kossaras to fousin 

1st Balkan meeting 


4th Greek tiny mini meeting 

&t Italy Nago Torbole Garda lake



t&t Italy Venice, Murano, Burano



t&t Austria Klagernfurt




t&t Cesky Krumlov 



t&t Austria treffen Unterwaltersdorf



t&t Serbia mini tour



6th Greek treffen


2nd  Turkiey treffen 

The Kings Riders club


Name day Dimitris + Dimirtis

Christmas party


 The club actions 2015

Visit the Grandfather

Marathon Volunteers 

Visitors from all the world in our club

 Family of George Matar and Khalil E. Ramy

Friends from Turkey

The best Honorary members from Turkey Tanju Ateshli and Reyhan Atesli

The President of the Gold Wing Club Turkey Faiz and Gillian Koprulu

Maxim Roxter from Russia with love

 Serega Atanasov (Hooligan)

Very famous actress Olya Athanasova wife Hooligan

Very famous of Fashion Business Lakis Gavalas

The awards of Mohamed Mourad

The new babies in our Club

Tour to Melnik

Meeting Moto Kluba Uzicee Serbia

Congratulations to President Kisko Vesna

Our Members in various treffens


Congratulations Mohamed Mourad (10 treffens)

t&t Switzerland treffen

and katastrofa lady from Basel 

France Colmar tour 

t&t Italy treffen 


The marriage Panagiotis Soufleros

The marriage Elizabeth Ntoymparatzi

The marriage Jordan son grandfather

 5th Greek treffen Chalkidiki

This has never been again LOST the STAFF!!

1st Turkey treffen



The club actions 2014

Visit the Grandfather

Marathon Volunteers 

Birthday party Panagiotis Varsamis

West Side Salonika ''Bike Day''

Visit to Thassos

2rd Greek mini meeting

I would like to dedicate this meeting to one a member of us who lost on 5/6/2014

Dieter Claus Albers, we will never forget him '' LIVE IS TOO SHORT, WING IT!

2rd Greek tiny mini meeting

t&t Slovenia treffen   

t&t Czech Republic and Poland treffen 




Thassos 4th Greek treffen 




The club actions 2013

Christmas Party

The National Representative Cyprus George Kosta Alekou and wife Giota Alekou was the big surprise!!

Mister Dieter Claus Albers from Germany and Patrick de la Harpe from France was the big surprise!!

The National Representative Turkey Fehmi Badur the came to celebrate with the beautiful wife Esin !! 

Our Representative in Lebanon Mohamed Mourad visit the KRCGR

By visiting our friends from France Didier - Pascale and our member Patrick  

By visiting our club the interrep from Italy Luca de Biase  

The Secretary of the GWEF Edwin Devey visiting the KRCGR  

By visiting our member from Lebanon Mohamed Mourad Darizini  

Fans from Lebanon we love you !!  

Every Manday in our club !!  

A custom for the good of the year !!  

171 are the awards that we have in our club !!  

Our missing four awards ?  

16 awards gave to our club the member from Corfu Patrick de la Harpe !!  

To all members usually awards to have in our club and not in our homes  

By visiting friends from Turkie the interrep Tanju Ateshli and Reyhan Atesli  

By visiting our member from Turkie Fehmi Badur and Esinaki Ozturk Badur   

By visiting Mahmood Al Muwaffag and Friends Goldwingers from Dubai  

Marathon Volunteers

West Side Salonika Super Party

3rd Greek treffen 

Support group treffen Apostolos and Astero !!

 The best Staff for Greek treffen !!

General Manager treffen Polidoros Katharakis  


Mario Show from Italy !!  

Our Doctor at work !!  

The service's work !!  

The news on speakerphone !!  

Golden Nuggets mini light show !!  

Super live Greek music !!  

Greek treffen good food and fun !!  


First place Germany !!  

Mayor of Corfu Giannis Trepeklis welcomes Goldwingers drivers to city hall   

The Italian Consultant at the Greek treffen !!  

Meeting at Thassos

30th Anniversary GWEF treffen 

1st Bulgaria treffen

The club actions 2012

Santa Claus our Club !!  

Prizes to the most active members !!  

Carnival party in the club !!  

BRQ at the club !!  

Ride in Thessaloniki from the sea !!  

Another great party at poupoulaki !!  

Birthday 50 years Hubert Kain Malte   

Trip to Bulgaria Brotherhood GWCBG  

Trip with friends and fun in Istanbul !!  

Two important events from the clubs of Thessaloniki !!  

Opening Polis Hammam

Meeting at Chopper riders club

Work hard before the treffen

2nd Greek treffen

The Mayor of Litochoro George Papathanasiou welcomes Goldwingers 

The Mayor of Katerini Savas Chionidis with President Dimitris Asteriou

The Mayor of Katerini Savas Chionidis welcomes Goldwingers


Meeting at Thassos


Mayor of Thassos Kostantinos Chatziemmanouil welcomes Goldwingers   

t&t Austria treffen 

t&t Ukraine treffen



The club actions 2011

t&t Italy treffen 

1st Greek treffen

France 1st place for the first Greek treffen

Meeting cheverme Fourka Chalkidiki 

Meeting at Thassos 



The club actions 2010

Meeting at Kolindros 

Us and the Region of Central Macedonia Panagiotis Psomiadis !!   

Meeting tiny mini Fourka Chalkidiki

Meeting at Sofia Bulgaria

t&t Italy treffen Gioggia

Meeting Slovenia, Greece tour to Turkiey Istandul 

Meeting at Thassos 

Great hospitality from Christos Georgiadis  

Visitors from Bulgaria


The club actions 2009

First international Gold Wing meeting 

Meeting at Thassos 

t&t Dalmatia tour and Papa treffen

The Prime Minister of Bosnia Herzegovina 



The club actions 2008

Moto day festival 

Eurobikers visit our city Thessaloniki

t&t Bulgaria Black Sea 

Meeting at Thassos



The club actions 2007

Party after the great destruction from fire 

t&t Czech Rebublic treffen

Meeting tour Chalkidiki

Meeting at Thassos 

Meeting Bulgaria and Turkiey 

Meeting at Kmena Vourla 



The club actions 2006


t&t Italy treffen 


The club actions 2005

Meeting at Chalkidiki

The Kings Riders at Corfu meeting

Party in Ladadika Thessaloniki

The club actions from 1997 - 2005

Meeting at Fourka Chalkidiki

t&t Italy treffen


Mpourounia Toroni Chalkidiki 

Prokopia Meteora Kalampaka 

Meeting Volos 

Meeting and tour Pelion Volos

Meeting and Tour Crete

Papaioannia Ormilia Chalkidiki 

The Kings Riders Club our story begins in 1995

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