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The club actions 2012

Santa Claus our Club !!  

Prizes to the most active members !!  

Carnival party in the club !!  

BRQ at the club !!  

Ride in Thessaloniki from the sea !!  

Another great party at poupoulaki !!  

Birthday 50 years Hubert Kain Malte   

Trip to Bulgaria Brotherhood GWCBG  

Trip with friends and fun in Istanbul !!  

Two important events from the clubs of Thessaloniki !!  

Opening Polis Hammam

Meeting at Chopper riders club

Work hard before the treffen

2nd Greek treffen

The Mayor of Litochoro George Papathanasiou welcomes Goldwingers 

The Mayor of Katerini Savas Chionidis with President Dimitris Asteriou

The Mayor of Katerini Savas Chionidis welcomes Goldwingers

Meeting at Thassos

Mayor of Thassos Kostantinos Chatziemmanouil welcomes Goldwingers   

t&t Austria treffen 

t&t Ukraine treffen